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This product is for single songs only. It doesn't work for playlists or podcasts.
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Choose this service to improve your album. The package will be split on all tracks in equal parts.
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For single songs. Choose the exact country you'd like to get the streams on your song from.
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Choose this service to improve your playlists. The package will be split on all tracks in equal parts.
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This service is designed for boosting podcasts only. Do not order it for songs, playlists or albums.
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buy spotify plays

Spotify is today's hottest digital platform to make your music popular to the world's audience of billions of listeners and to earn from royalty on the other hand. It is an advantageous service for musicians, composers, producers, and representatives of musical companies and businesses as well. In 2019 the competition in the industry is so high, that you either have to be a prodigal artist, to get caught with an amazing performance turning viral on media, or to notably participate in a talent show to be spotted and demanded by many.

Why Buy Spotify Plays

The number of plays is literally how many streams the song had. It is the metric that defines the popularity of a track, album or a playlist on Spotify. The more Spotify plays your song gets, the more people get familiar with your music, this is how it works in short. Boosting a track brings it a fast ranking increase for cheap money this is why artists are looking for how to gain more Spotify plays. Either if you run a promotion campaign for tracks or playlists to help it find new listeners and followers, or an agency or a label does it for their artists - adding some paid improvement on it today has already become a natural pattern. Since anyone is eligible for the competition for popularity and royalties on Spotify, the race here is tight and the terms are rough.

How To Buy Spotify Plays

No matter if ordering Plays seems a rocket science to many, it is an easy thing to do if you do it here on StreamDigic. Only a few years ago you had to hire an expensive team of professionals or an agency to advertise your songs and pay a lot of money to put it on a public stream, but not anymore. Fortunately, things have changed much since that day and you can easily find out a way to order a boost of plays regardless of your online experience or marketing skills. And probably the best place to buy Spotify plays it is to do it with our assistance!

Before you buy

Check this paragraph for guidelines that render a view on how to prepare yourself at the very beginning. While on the first steps, it's highly advised to create an account and then post your press-releases on each of the big social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and others. Link them all together to let your listeners find you easily. Such a networking approach will hand you to drive your following to the tracks on Spotify you'd wish to be heard by many. Start conversations and discussions on posts of others. Visit the accounts of well-known music producers related to your style to contact them, try to build up relations with them, send demos, in other words, do the best you can to expose yourself. It takes hours and days for beginners, but getting more followers as a payoff is always worth it.

Another good idea would be to film a short movie for each of the songs you'd like to promote, or to create looped footage and upload it on the video hosting portals such as Vimeo, YouTube, and others. This way many play music online has got very popular during the most recent years. Fill in the descriptions of your clips and put a link to your Spotify so allowing listeners to navigate, find and get familiar with your art easily.

Create your unified style or hire a good designer - you need a unique logo to present your music here and there unambiguously. Research the native marketing products they got on every social network, then figure out how to use third-party paid improvements to boost your posts and how to do that for free. While your tracks get pushed up with ad campaigns, it is required to get the maximum of view, likes and comments from any source possible to score maximum monthly plays on Spotify.

Placing an order

You can place an order with any type of device. Either you're surfing our site on the run with an Android smartphone or you do it with Apple MacBook or a desktop PC with Windows onboard in the office, there's no difference at all and the result will always be the same.

It's easy to choose and receive plays from us - all you have to do is to visit the exact page and select the needed service (whether you need to increase the count of plays on to add some extra on a single song). Then fill in the details of the host the package has to be delivered to or paste the link to the tune you want to be boosted. And finally press the Buy button, that would lead your cart to the checkout panel. That's it, placing an order here is easy as 1-2-3, nothing more to do. Just wait for new plays to be delivered directly on your Spotify and watch the magic as a steady growth appears automatically. The average delivery time for a small pack (1000, 2500, 5000) is about 14-16h, and it usually takes more than 24h to improve your tune with a mid or big one (10000, 25000, 50000 and more).

Why Buying Services From Us

Right now there are many vendors on the market you can get Spotify plays from. If querying Google with finding a seller, it would actually give you a million entries, but you will have to spend much of your money and lifetime on testing a lot from the list to find out a fair dealer in those tons of scams and malfunctioning sites. Then you will have to choose wisely from the list of the remaining to find the best provider with a wide list of offers related to marketing music with affordable or even cheap prices and a good service at the same time. Going to spend a week and a couple of hundred dollars on it?

Choosing us as a supplier of Spotify plays would save your efforts. Our company is a well-known dealer focused on the USA and Europe musical market but already trusted by thousands of artists, agencies and labels all around the world. We know how important for our clients is the question of targeting their audience so we're happy to offer you to buy USA Spotify plays cheap as well as UK plays and ones from Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany, and others. You can find more information about the features of targeted streams and how to purchase it by reading our blog and faq.

If buying from us, high-quality real plays are what you will get. Unlike many teams offering similar services online with bots and fake accounts, we own a live dynamic network of organic users that allows us to provide full plays from real people so you will be even able to earn money from royalties. An option to choose the type of delivery from instantly fast to naturally gradual is also available when filling the details for the purchased packages. If you require any extra information concerning this option, please let us know by email or use a contact form on the homepage.

The methods we grow the exposure of tracks on Spotify with have proven themselves very effective during the recent year and going to show the same results in 2020. Purchase a minimum pack and let it reach your tune to see our performance at streaming it by yourself. Follow down to the review section to find out the testimonials speaking of our jobs.

We never fail our customers, standing for delivering every single package no matter what. If due to force majeure or for the reasons of third-party we can't complete your order within 24h, a full prorated refund is guaranteed. While ordering from us, be sure about the safety of your music - we act in accordance with every single term and the rights of the platform. Another side of our job is the absolute privacy of orders. We don't use cookies as well as we don't collect, store or pass any personal data. Visit the policy section for details.

Free Spotify Plays

We don't serve or deliver trial products, but along with this, our complimentary offers, giveaway bundles, and special rates are available for regular clients. We are open and always look for a long-standing partnership.

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"Nothing else, but five-star media experts doing their work good"

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