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How to

Using our service is easy as one-two-three. No matter you wish to start a promotion or just to buy followers, likes or views to strenghten your presence on today's social media, all the operations on our site are very simple to do.

  • One

    Visit our site and pick one of the social platforms you want to run a promotion on. Right now you're free to choose from Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud and Spotify.

  • Two

    Pick the required volume from the list of available packages. A variety of ones to suit most of requirements is already available on the website. In case you can't find a desired volume for the chosen product, please use the contact us section. StreamDigic's support officers will do their best to help you on your question or to solve any of issues or problems.

  • Three

    Make a payment and give us some time to transfer the preferred promotion product on your account, it won't take long. Now it is the right time to bookmark our site and to watch your metrics grow. You are always welcome for more advancements and boosts and tips on promotion on social media platforms.

Why Us

StreamDigic is a choice of advantage for every production professional or a social media enthusiast. All the advantages of out platform are easy to discover in full measeure just by trying any kind of our promotion offers or starters. You'll definitely like it.

  • 100% Guarantee
    We work hard to complete all the orders of our customers. If your order hasn't reached you - we will refund 100% of your money.

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    We keep our service updated daily making it a safe and efficient way to promote accounts on social media.

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