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youtube views

More than 1 billion users visit YouTube monthly. They have various motivations and their goals differ much from each other. Despite it, they do not cease to be potential customers or viewers. But take your time and come to think over these questions: is it easy to find your media, do they see you, your company, your idea, your product?

The visibility of your content and and by extension, you, depends on a range of factors. One of the essential factors and probably the most important one metric is the number of views your video scores - the more your video gets, the more visible it turns out to be. That’s why our customers buy YouTube views and deem this service to be the most productive way to meet the challenges of the platform’s competitive environment.

Buying views one by one your videos would invariably start attracting the attention of thousands of users so the popularity of your videos would grow exponentially. But have you tried to get high or top-rated on YouTube with a regular video? It’s almost impossible if you don’t bring an absolute sensation.

Here, at StreamDigic, our experts know how to buy views on YouTube channels cheap and fast - getting the maximum benefits for a minimum price. Todays methods of promotion can help you raise your videos to the top of YouTube and so to reach a way wider audience. Your channel and you will become more visible and popular faster than you imagine.

Buy views on YouTube and become a media star

Everyone wants to create a video that is going to make them famous, to help sell their products, to highlight their business, brands, companies, or to introduce their ideas to the world, but only a few has a clear understanding of something with the highest chance to become popular and demanded by thousands, about how to start with it and about the ways of engaging the YouTube audience on the exact video. And such persons has already achieved and scored many prizes of YouTube like money and fame. But what if we speak about simple people like you and me? All these questions usually turn people puzzled and if they can’t find the answers shortly in most cases they just give up on the first steps. It is quite a predictable final because figuring out the right answers to these questions will certainly require your full and utmost attention to your product, your niche competitors and to all the recent updates of promotion strategies on the world-famous video hosting and streaming platform.

To learn the secret of how to get views on YouTube, you need to be well-experienced and to practice promoting videos regularly. The professional team of StreamDigic is aware of the keys to successful promotion and skillfully applies it in practice, achieving impressive results for years. Thousands of views separate you from your cherished goal - just one click or a tap on your device and you can buy YouTube video views right now!

The benefits of working with StreamDigic

StreamDigic is one of the leaders in the promotion of content on YouTube, which confirms the cooperation with major advertising agencies. We offer:

  • Best price for real views on the market

    Our team is working daily to make the number one service terms for real views and othe packages available for everyone to buy. Get only high-quality video promotion boosts with the best price on the market.

  • Only real views

    The algorithms of the system allow you to fully protect your videos from claims by YouTube, allowing you to filter out non-unique views and attempts to cheat.

  • YouTube Top Hit

    More than 70% of videos that are promoted by StreamDigic reach YouTube’s top places.

A simple and clear sequence of actions to buy YouTube views

One of the strongest part of our service you can be sure of is the fact that even a completely new or ineffective video channel is able to get YouTube video views with the existing or a new content the cheapest way ever. What is required of our visitor to start such a fruitful promotion?

Everyone who doesn’t have enough free time to spend on stressful and more exhausting efforts of white organic promotion would find the approach to use StreamDigic’s offer of increasing views on YouTube appropriate and logical. It allows a video to start being presented to guests, regular viewers and subscribers as an interesting and valuable content, which makes people focus their attention to it and make YouTube rank it more and more rated.

Why we are the best

  • Paid views on YouTube are received from real users.
  • No need to download and install additional programs and applications.
  • Secure, convenient and simple payment without hidden fees using credit cards or PayPal.
  • The minimum time required to place an order and get it to work. Most services are provided in a semi-automated mode and start immediately after clicking the "buy" button.

Try our service and make sure that it works perfect - feel free to recommend to your friends, that also look for a way to boost their YouTube videos and to buy views on youtube fast, cheap and secure.


Is there any risk that YouTube will delete my videos?

Your videos are absolutely safe, because we comply with all the terms and conditions of YouTube. Moreover, your channel receives real traffic coming through the built-in link on highly visited sites, and YouTube will not write off the views we provide.

What is the result I can expect from your service?

The increase in the number of views leads to a higher ranking of videos on various requests. So videos get shown to the target audience much more often shown, including putting it in the “Related Videos” section.

Does your service provide any warranty?

StreamDigic guarantees that purchased YouTube views will be transferred to the video, specified by the customer. Usually the time required to transfer views does not exceed the following ranges: 5h for 1000-5000 views, 10h for 5000-25000 views, transferring the biggest packages may take us to 24h. We haven’t faced any problem about it ever, however, taking into concideration all kinds of troubles with internet and other third-party, we declare a range of 24-48h required to have the most bundles from our list tranferred completely. If not - we will issue a partial or full refund depending on the volume reached the host.

Tips on promoting YouTube videos successfully

  • Master the content production

    Videos should be intriguing from the very beginning, so that users have a desire to watch them to the end. Write a scenario, try to tell an interesting story with your video, immediately describe the subject and add reviews of the video content. Make sure your hardware match today’s quality requirements so allowing you to produce excellent-looking footages.

  • The optimal length of the video

    Learn the average length of clips for the best in the niche - and stick to this indicator. Users rarely watch long videos to the end, especially if spoken about general subjects. Your videos has to score a higher view duration and “average percentage viewed”. This is a “watch time” indicator, which shows the average video viewing time as a percentage related to the length of the video itself. The higher the score, the higher the video ranking. Ensure that the viewing depth is at least 50%.

  • Create a snowball effect with boosts

    With StreamDigic, you’re able to create an effect of a rolling snowball to promote recently published videos. YouTube gives a priority to new videos, that opens up almost unlimited opportunities to attract traffic. To take advantage of these benefits you need to bypass the sandbox video hosting and collect at least 1000 views in the first 12 hours after publication.

  • Live youtube views: how does it work?

    However, it is not enough just to upload videos on YouTube for your online business to flourish and make a good profit. In order to be viewed by many users, videos must be popular and score first positions of the YouTube query feed. How to achieve such high rankings? Of course you can do it by purchasing YouTube views in real time. It is the full YouTube views that will help to rise in the top of the issue and attract the attention of a wide audience. The thing is that youtube tracks the number of views for each video and raises as high as possible in the search feed.

Feel free to contact us If you need an expert’s advice or you have any questions about this service.