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There is no universal recipe for creating effective youtube video promotion - it depends entirely on the needs of the target audience and your capabilities. Use our best YouTube promotion ideas to find the right type of video content for you.

StreamDigic guarantees you will find our services helpful and resultative if you plan to use YouTube promotion with a coherent strategy.

Do You Use YouTube channel Promotion?

One of the myths lays beyond the idea that if you think that it is impossible to use YouTube for your blog, it is just not for you. But If you come to analyze the dynamics of development of all social media in the future, you would see clearly that over 80% of all content in the world is going to be video or any other dynamic content of a new format similar to nowadays video we don’t know about yet. Therefore, it might get too difficult or event too late to start if you miss running the promotion of your video or a stream right now!

If you are still not on YouTube, if you do not have your own channel, you do not produce any videos and do not use paid advertising, then today is the best day to think about it because the future is actually now!

You can use your YouTube channel for any kind of promotion, as a source of traffic, as a generator of leads on your landing, that automatically raises sales and brings new customers to your window shop with spending very small amounts of money. We know cases of success on Youtube promotion when only a short non-professional video went viral with a good offer described the right way and led thousands of visitors to a website. Well, what are we still waiting for? Let’s go and collect all the prizes!

YouTube promotion with StreamDigic

Most people think of YouTube just as a very popular video hosting. But keep in mind that nowadays this is the world’s second biggest search engine known. YouTube currently has an active audience that already exceeds a billion people and it’s only growing. According to the official statistics, the number of users who start watching YouTube from the main page, as if they turned on the TV at home, has tripled over the past year. This opens up tremendous opportunities to promote your brand through video marketing. With StreamDigic, you will learn more about YouTube promotion and how to promote YouTube channel by engaging users and attracting people to your videos and gaining a lot of subscribers.

Learn more about our services

YouTube is the most popular video hosting and streaming platform used by millions of people from different parts of the world and running unopposed. It is a regular daily host for thousands of interesting videos from famous bloggers, advertising materials from online stores, amateur shots of funny moments, master classes from various professionals and experts and much, much more. First, it was just a source and a host for entertainment videos and nobody paid much attention to it - that’s primarily because the Internet had less bandwidth that days along with the fact that mobile gadgets were not so powerful.

However, over time, it began to be considered an effective platform for promoting a small business or indeed, the biggest ones. All the majors are already there, speaking of their products every day and millions of voices and videos merge together into a strong and powerful media stream. If you wish to become famous or to start earning good money on your channel, you will certainly be interested in promotion on YouTube - buy YouTube Views, Subscribers, Likes & Dislikes and Comments.

Now everybody can visit YouTube, register there to watch videos or to start their own channel - it can be done in a few clicks and it is absolutely free, so no matter what people may say it does not require any fee or effort or special skills to start. The essential principle the YouTube works with is the process of attracting viewers to a channel with uploading videos and being active in conversations to guests and subscribers, you might have seen it previously with other social media, well, there is no major difference. Such an increase in the audience may seem to be very easy and clear from the first sight, however, we must warn you that such an impression is very deceptive because of pretty fierce competition on this platform, so the expectations of a quick growth are most likely to be unreasonable. Owners of YouTube channels have to spend a lot of their time online along with producing and uploading a truly original and bright content and it is a really big thing to plan right and to do.

Here, at StreamDigic, we would like to offer the most popular and high-efficient YouTube promotion services featuring absolute security and privacy, favorable conditions and minimal time costs. The guaranteed result is a rapid increase in numbers of real subscribers that is used usually to enhance the channel’s appearance and,

How to promote your youtube channel

Today we can’t imagine our lives without mobile devices - with their cost dropped to an affordable level, now even kids have a phone with a big bright screen a good amount of memory and a tough processor. All of these technological and marketing leaps have made possible such a heavyweight type of content like video to spread widely and to become the most popular way to communicate, to tell stories and to promote business, products, services, and individuals from any place on earth. Things previously seemed unbelievable now a reality - you can see the mobile gadgets held by many even in the poorest corners of the world and, sure, people can easily access YouTube using the most simple device.

This is the main reasons why people host so many video instructions, video infographics and analysis on different languages - a professional video how-to or a solution to a particular problem is only a few taps away. A dynamic visual with a narrating voice over it or a storytelling person in the shot turns out to be the most effective type of content. Think of it when recording your first film to upload it and to be shown on YouTube. Think over every detail and explain to subscribers the process of solving the problem precisely and thoughtful.

Video Review

All kinds of reviews are the most popular type of channels on YouTube. These may be independent reviews, unpackings, expert opinions, reviews of competitors' products, their products, reviews on movies, cars, toys and many many more. Such videos have a very important role in the journey of the consumer. A study of a well-known company showed that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase goods if they have a video review. If honest, the essential part has to point out both the advantages and disadvantages of your products.


Tell your subscribers an interesting story. Explain a phenomenon and illustrate the video with additional graphic elements. Storytelling can be an extremely effective tool in the hands of a marketer.

Entertainment Content

Entertainment videos are what most of the audience comes to YouTube for every day. The concept of "entertaining" here means not just videos with kittens. There are so many possibilities that it is simply impossible to list them. Not to mention the fact that you can figure out and create ideas for such content by yourself. Do you want to become a trendsetter? It’s just about time!

Creative Advertising

Some may say that YouTube users are already browsing enough advertising content, and it’s not worth trying their patience once again. Would anyone go for ads on YouTube exactly while being in the right state of mind? Hardly, if this is not a super creative and viral movie. Combine the above types of content to make a promotional video that people will search for themselves. For example, once the Internet was literally blown up with an advertising video from a company selling an unusual accessory for a restroom. Make a viral movie, turn it to a meme and get world-famous in a day.

Who is interested in YouTube promotion

  • Businessmen who are looking for new ways to increase the visibility and thus to grow their business. Since competition in all industries is multiplying daily, it is worth to gain advantage using any possibilities.
  • Public persons who want to get a share of glory, they always have an army of fans or just those who keep an eye on their lives. Being a celebrity now literally means to have a huge number of subscribers and fans, likes and views. Youtube promotion, as well as doing it on other social platforms, is particularly suitable for this, it is a trend they gladly show off in closest circles.
  • People just like me and you looking for an additional source of income or maybe even for a chance to change their lives. Getting a channel developed and popular allows you to earn good money. Creative individuals who want to share experiences, talk about their hobbies and present themselves as experts in any niche.

Why use our website

First of all, we guarantee that your order will reach you in 0-24h, if not - we will return the money you paid us. We offer honest, transparent service, with no kind of fraud or additional payments. You will receive a positive result, as evidenced by the positive feedback from our regular customers. StreamDigic stands for the highest standards of service and support through the entire period of our cooperation, for adequate and affordable prices and a wide range of offered services.

How to reach the first positions in YouTube’s search feed?

If your channel is not yet popular enough and you want to attract a new target audience, upload a video clip, think over keys you wish to be promoted, fill in tags with those keys, write an catchy description to the video using basic requests that need to be promoted, and immediately after downloading, buy YouTube views, subscribers, likes or dislikes and comments - you will see the increase of your video’s popularity with our boosts pushing its ranking for the specified keys as high as possible. After that, you will receive thousands of targeted views from real users that found your video.

Order promotion services: views, likes, subscribers at once each time you upload new videos to be the Top of YouTube’s Tops for the promoted queries of each of the videos. Today everybody can buy promotion for YouTube on StreamDigic. Quickly, efficiently, with high retention and warranty.


What is a YouTube promotion from StreamDigic?

  • Grow authority channel and rise your video to YouTube’s top search results.
  • Reach your target audience easier.
  • Increase the number of subscribers.
  • Multiply the number of views on your videos.

Can I get banned if I promote my youtube channel?

Bringing a new audience to the YouTube channel is not a violation of the rules of this video hosting service, and we guarantee an exceptionally high quality of our service. We haven’t got any case of getting an account blocked over the entire period of this service since YouTube cannot determine the promotion methods that are used by our system.

Can I cancel an order?

Our website is a semi-automatic system. Once your order has been made, paid and confirmed by payment system with sending a transaction receipt, the processing can’t be stopped and the order will be executed and delivered in full. If the customer fails to receive the service not fully, through no fault of his own, the system will refine the order. It is FORBIDDEN to promote YouTube video by several methods or services at the same time - this will lead to the cancellation of warranty obligations on our part.