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By using this website and purchasing any of the services listed on it you agree to these Terms Of Service. Please visit this section every time you enter this website to be aware of the most recent updates to it. The section of Terms Of Service is a subject to change without notifications.
Update: Feb 01, 2020


  • StreamDigic is not responsible and not will be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the customer or user or any third part, as a result of purchase or use on the website.
  • In any such claim, such as financial damage, loss of income or denial of profit, denial of access, etc, and may cancel the relevant order.
  • StreamDigic is not responsible for any decline in the number of likes, followers, plays, saves, its drops, leaks and expectations that have declined after four weeks from the date of purchase.
  • Streamdigic is not responsible or liable for periods of delays in the delivery of the following products: Instagram Likes, Followers, Views, Comments - up to 24 hours.
  • StreamDigic will not be responsible for any liability which exceed the value of the related product purchased, and its not responsible for any loss of direct OR consequential damages.


  • All intellectual property rights in the website (site), including the copyrights, designs, methods, and trade secrets are property of StreamDigic.
  • The name "StreamDigic" or a combination that similar to or containing any or all of them, the domain name of the website, the trademarks of "StreamDigic", whether registered or not, are the exclusive property of StreamDigic and shall therefore not be used.
  • Copying reproducing, distributing, marketing and translating any part of the website, including trademarks designs pictures and texts on computer code is prohibited.
  • Using any data published on the site for presentation on any other website or service without obtaining the consent of StreamDigic in advance and in writing is prohibited.


  • In case of experience a drop in numbers of products delivered by StreamDigic, we guarantee the following free refill:
    • Instagram Likes: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • Instagram Followers: 15 days from the moment of purchase. Important: If you are an owner of the big account with a very unstable start count you have to be ready that in case of a sufficient drop of initial followers, we`re not obligated to replenish them. So please watch your counts.
    • Instagram Views: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • Instagram Comments: 21 days since the moment of purchase
    • YouTube Views: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • YouTube Subscribers: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • YouTube Likes: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • YouTube Comments: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • SoundCloud Plays: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • SoundCloud Followers: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • SoundCloud Likes: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • SoundCloud Comments: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • Spotify Plays: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • Spotify Followers: 30 days since the moment of purchase
    • Important:
  • StreamDigic will not be responsible for delays in a product's delivery in case of this event is not under the company’s control, such as inproper performance of parts of Payment System, system updates of social platforms that lead to major reconfiguring, malfunctions in the computer system that may harm the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e-mail service.
  • StreamDigic is not responsible for any consequences that may occur because of using our website and the services on it.
  • In case of unsubscribing, leaving your chanel or other product dropping issue after receiving a service purchased on this website, StreamDigic provides a refill and/or researching a solution for it. Refund is not provided.
  • In case of starting clearly fraudulent disputes like claims of unauthorized transaction or similar, StreamDigic reserves the right to nullify the delivered products, to block your IP address and social media accounts and other actions.
  • StreamDigic provides full or partial refund in case of not delivering the order completely or partially.
  • The team of StreamDigic does its best to provide the best service possible. If a customer considers product or services purchased on the Site defective or not meeting the description, the customer is welcome to contact the Support by Mail using the Contact Form on the homapage of the Site. The management will make every effort to respond and find a solution to the problem ASAP.

Cookies & Privacy

  • This website does not use cookies. StreamDigic does not require, collect, store or provide any kind of personal information to third-party.


  • This website is operated by


Q: I purchased Instagram followers, but I'm not sure the service is working or goes too slow.

A: We can't add you followers at a high speed as it was before. In this case the drop of our delivery is going to be large, and also there is a chance of losing your initial fans. Today Instagram considers any sudden and large increase a suspicious activity and starts a purging algorithm on it. That's why we do it nice and slow.



Q: How long it usually takes to deliver Spotify plays?

A: We reserve 24h to add plays on your song or album and 36-48h for the largest packages. Usually it doesn't take more time but nevertheless it may take because we deal with platforms, servers and route providers, and it all depends on many nuances starting from electricity and to the software updates. In case you experience a delay on the delivery, please contact one of our managers. We are working hard to make all the ordered improvements reach our clients.

Q: Is it safe to add plays on Spotify this way?

A: Yes, we provide our service by using only safe methods. However we know cases of getting a penalty for using SoundCloud and Spotify promotion. The reason is alwys the following: low-level or just created fresh accounts with only a couple of songs and a few plays on it start ordering huge packs to get big in a moment. And predictable they get a penalty and a temporare ban. So we highly advise to all our customers to be realistic at adjusting the expectations. Or you can always contact our manager to find out the best product to suit your needs right now.